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Tatiana's Takeaways: Squarespace

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Everyone wants their small business to be a big deal, but at the same time entering the digital realm can be scary. While Wordpress is one of the most talked about platforms to design a website with, I steer many of my clients to Squarespace instead.

Why? I love designing and helping make your visual presences coherent but in the end, I can’t (and don’t want to) claim any ownership over your businesses; that includes content creation.

Squarespace empowers you to be the curators of their your content.

Let’s Break It Down

  • Easy Changes Are Easy.

    You know that ONE photo you just don’t like? There’s no reason it should cost you upwards of $100 to change it. Squarespace is generally code-free and easy to navigate, making small changes small.

    As trends and photo styles change, your website shouldn’t be the thing holding you back.

    Plus, there’s a lot less consequence when tinkering in Squarespace and the chances of you deleting or breaking your website are pretty small.

  • SEO

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the way computers index and choose to display your site. Let’s be honest, how often do you click on a link that comes up 3rd on Google… fourth? Fifth? Never! Back in the day, you could plug in as many keywords as you could think to make any related searches find your site. Then search sites realized that was not the best way to find relevant websites and content to share.

    One of the best ways to get higher on a search engine’s list is to consistently add content to your website.

    If what you’re selling is really worth the hype, then talk about it! Squarespace makes adding blog posts easy and dare I say fun? Beyond coming up first in a search, a little blogging and content helps your consumer get to know you and build immediate trust. Plus, if I’m being honest, I’d rather be designing.

    Interested in more on SEO? Check back soon, we’ll share all our small business tips!

  • All the management you need in one place.

    Imagine this. Your website’s domain is on GoDaddy. It’s hosted on Siteground. It’s implemented through Wordpress. Something breaks. You have no idea what. You maybe don’t even have the vocabulary to begin to google what’s broken. Squarespace allows you to combine all these components into one platforms so you don’t have to worry about an update or renewal slipping through the cracks. It links to Mailchimp and G-suite as well, with kick-ass easy to understand reports about traffic and usage.

  • Your site, Your Way!

    I work to empower my clients to take as much control as they can over their company and the way it’s presented. I begin each process discussing goals, best UX practices, and articulating how design fits into the larger company direction and voice. Hopefully you drink the cool-aid and can start applying the same tactics that I share so by the time I hand off your website, you’re an old pro. If there are areas you’re still unsure of, I have customized instructions for tasks I think you’ll be doing a lot. If you’re a wedding planner, you should be able to add your own galleries. If you have an online shop, you can keep your inventory up to date.

  • Empowered Internal Creation = More Consistent Messaging.

    Easy as that.


While optionality and content-empowerment sounds great, I still get clients that are hesitant to pull the Squarespace trigger. Their concerns?

“I don’t like any of the templates.”

Templates can seem restrictive and no one wants to be pigeon-holed into a specific style or design. I understand. Most of the time, I don’t ask my clients what template they want, but rather what they need their site to do. From there, I use my expertise and knowledge of Squarespace to select a template for you.

Most of the time my clients never know what template I’ve implemented, because it gets the job done; and that’s all that counts.

“Successful Companies Use Wordpress”

Yes, but unsuccessful companies use Wordpress too. And successful companies use Squarespace too. It’s about what the site is capable of and whether or not you feel comfortable making changes to keep the content relevant; not where it lives. Just look at these examples of great Squarespace sites, and not so great Wordpress sites.

2 examples of beautiful squarespace websites
2 examples of poorly designed wordpress sites

“I need a custom site.”

Every successful company is unique, and I hope yours is too. Chances are though, you don’t need a custom site. Before we talk platform, we’ll talk capabilities. Want a blog? Squarespace. Want a store? Squarespace. Want to plug in booking abilities? Yep. Squarespace. Using a template doesn’t mean your site wont be unique, it just means you’ll save time and money- upfront and in the long run as you add the content that will make your site truly unique.

You need custom photographs and custom content. Chances are, you don’t need a custom website.

There are exceptions; and I’m equipped for those circumstances. Voici Designs contracts developers and SEO gurus to make sure whatever needs to be accomplished is done in the most reasonable platform.

“I just want to pay someone to do this for me.”

We’re here for you. While Squarespace is relatively intuitive to use, there’s no reason to pull your hair out building a single website. Voici has expertise and experience building out many websites and can make yours beautifully and efficiently; letting you focus on the more important parts of your company. After the initial build is completed, we’ll re-evaluate how to keep up with content creation, updating, and indexing you website.

We work with you to delegate what tasks you’d like to take on, what tasks need a contracted developer or copywriter, and make your website dreams come true.

Want help getting started with your Squarespace site?

Tatiana Armstrong